• Two Weekly Meetings

  • Everyone Welcome!

Hi! Texas Juggling Society meetings are free of charge and open to jugglers, poi swingers, diaboloists, yoyo throwers, kendama players, and circus art folks of all abilities. Beginners and spectators are welcome. Yes, that means you! Come on down!

⭐ We meet every Thursday all year long at All Saints Episcopal Church (209 W 27th Street) from 7 pm - 10 pm. We meet in Gregg Hall. (This is the building behind the church.)

⭐ During the Fall and Spring semesters, we meet every Sunday on the UT Austin campus. We'll be at the Student Activity Center (WCP) in room 2.310 from 2-4pm.

  • Both TJS@UT members and visitors are welcome 👋
  • Check the TJS@UT Facebook page for more info.
  • There is permit-only parking on campus, but there is free street parking, Sundays only, on 26th St (Dean Keaton), north of campus.

The Big Toss at Jugglefest 2024

Photo courtesy Meredith Worthen

Jugglefest 2024 video from Cody

If you have a question or want to ask about booking the TJS for an event, please contact us here

Our Mission

  • The Texas Juggling Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is devoted to furthering the practice, study and appreciation of juggling and related manipulative arts and disciplines.
    • To foster the teaching, practice, and appreciation of juggling and related arts.
    • To provide a weekly meeting and annual festival where jugglers learn, grow, and feel completely uninhibited to hone their skills and meet like-minded people.
    • To give guidance and encouragement to those wishing to learn.
    • To periodically exhibit our skills in a positive way for general appreciation and social therapy.
  • Such skills and activities may include the random or patterned throwing, catching, bouncing, swinging, jumping, twirling, spinning, dropping, rolling, dodging, replacing or balancing of an object or series of objects, which may include sticks, stones, balls, clubs, scarves, bags, rings, diabolos, torches, unicycles, or other such items that may appeal to one's innate sense of Juggleness.