Jugglefest XXVII
February 21-23, 2020
Austin, Texas

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Multiple award winners Reid Belstock and Warren Hammond, returns to Austin with technical hilarity. Described as "A nicely matched pair of performers with a deep bag of tricks," by Juggle Magazine, their juggling and slapstick antics explode off the stage to fill the largest auditorium. 

Anni Kupper is a German artist, a graduate of the Fonty’s Academy for Circus and Performance Art (Netherlands). She is a full-time professional juggler and coach. When not traveling to festivals and performances she works with the Circus Project in Portland. 

Professional circus artist and trainer Tana Karo/”Tank” holds a Bachelors in Circus Arts from NICA and Fashion Design from SAIC. She is creator, producer and costume designer of Acrobatica Infiniti Circus, performs dance trapeze, foot juggling, and fire eating and has been featured with circus and burlesque festivals in Tasmania, Melbourne, Amsterdam, London and the U.S. and has headlined for several cruise liners.
Photo: Melanie Bert 

Zak McAllister and
Delaney Bayles

Zak McAllister (Texas) and Delaney Bayles (Utah) took the Gold Metal in the 2019 IJA Teams Championships and both will be graduating from the Circadium School of Contemporary Circus (Philadelphia) in 2020. 

Thomas Gu

After winning Best Technical Award in the 2012-2014 Texas Revue Talent competition at University of Texas, diabolo (chinese yoyo) master Thomas Gu graduated from U.T. and taught high school in Japan. He has recently left teaching to focus on performing and coaching tennis in Texas. 

Cate Great, long time veteran of circus, stage and street, brings her delightful balancing, juggling and rolla bolla skills back to Austin. She trained at The Quebec Circus School and has performed in eleven different countries including: Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Dubai as well as most of the United States and Canada. 

20 year French circus veteran Cyril Rabbath has traveled the world, winning medals, teaching, speaking and performing at circus & burlesque festivals, television, theater productions and Cirque du Soleil's Dralion. Cyril currently lives in Chicago. 

Jesse Patterson

A recent graduate of the National Centre for Circus Arts (NCCA) in London, Jesse Patterson studied and performed at the Lone Star Circus School in Dallas from the age of ten, specializing in hula hoops. At NCCA, Jesse focused on reinventing hoop rolling, pioneered by William Everhart in the late 1800s and later sensationalized by Bob Bramson. Jesse holds the unofficial world record for most hoops rolled with 11 hoops. She had performed at Six Flags Great Adventure, the European Juggling Convention, the Vegas International Variety Acts Festival.
Photo: Luke Burrage