Texas Juggling Society
Jugglefest XXV
February 23-25, 2018
Austin, Texas

Special Update ==> The festival has moved to Clinger Gymnasium
   not Seeger as in past years.


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Jugglefest - Workshops!

Austin Jugglefest 2014 - Ball Tricks Even Scott Can Do

Hey! Be sure to check out the Workshop Wall when you get to the gym for the finalized schedule and any last minute bonus workshops.

Hoopers: check out the special hoop juggling workshop page

Friday Workshops

Time___ Name Location Description
7:30 PM Ball Tricks Even Scott Can Do
Zone 1 Come on over and learn ball juggling tricks so awesome... even Scott can do them! ALL LEVELS
8:00 PM Beginner / Intermediate Hoop Juggling Zone 1 Double McJuggle will teach you the basic 3 hoop juggling pattern, different throwing styles / catches, and introduce you to 3 hoop rolls and partner hoop passing - ALL LEVELS (More info here)
8:30 PM Intro to Diabolo Zone 2 Taught by Chris Garcia - Learn the very basics of diabolo including spinning techniques, corrections and balancing, and your first trick of tossing and catching. For the last half of class we will learn fundamental techniques to improving your practice, and also learn some other cool tricks! ALL LEVELS

Saturday Workshops

Time____ Name Location Description
11 AM Juggling Hoops with Friends
Zone 1
Double McJuggle - Get introduced to passing with hoops, then progress to 3-hoop take out variations, 5-hoop variations, and of course 6 hoops! ALL LEVELS (More info here)
11 AM Intro to Rope Dart Zone 2 Chris Garcia - Rope dart is a martial arts weapon that has recently had increasing popularity among flow artist. Learn the very basics of darting including spinning and launching. We will move on to intermediate tricks in the last half of class including leg/body wraps, and other cool launches. ALL LEVELS
2 PM Mixed Prop Multiplex
Zone 1 Jay Gilligan - Come and learn the art of mixing it up, using a variety of juggling props. Explore multiplex in new dimensions! ALL LEVELS
2 PM Intro to Cigar Boxes Zone 2 Liam Halstead - How do they do that? Come learn the art of cigar box manipulation from this seasoned and multi-talented performer! ALL LEVELS
3 PM Acro Balance
Zone 1 The Austin Acro Balance community will give a demonstration followed by a workshop. People stacked on people: it's great!
4 PM Poi for Club Jugglers
Zone 1 Explore poi tricks for club jugglers, and also club tricks for poi spinners! ALL LEVELS
5 PM Sweet Ring Tricks
Zone 1 Aye Jay - Stop by and let master ringsman Aye Jay throw down with some fresh and funky ring tricks! ALL LEVELS

Sunday Workshops

Time___ Name Location Description
11am Balancing (and Bouncing) Stuff on Your Face Zone 1 Scott Sorensen will introduce you to the fine art of balancing stuff on your face!! ALL LEVELS
Noon Awesome Body Rolls
Zone 1 Aye Jay and Zak will teach a master class in body rolls. Oh yeah! INTERMEDIATE
Noon How to Ringabolo Zone 2 Chris Garcia - Learn the uncommon fusion of rings and diabolos with this unique style created by Chris. This new form of diaboloing combines ring/hoop isolation and sacred geometry with diabolo spinning. Initially inspired by seeing other jugglers spin a diabolo on a string and tossing onto a ring to grind, Chris further explored the possibilities of this new juggling form in 2010, abandoning sticks and string entirely and creating a whole multitude of 1D1R tricks as well as multi-ring and multi-diabolo shape manipulation. ALL LEVELS
1pm 3 Hoop Manipulation Zone 1 Double McJuggle - Learn starting/ending flourishes, body placement technique, legos, and then put it all together with creative sequence creation! ALL LEVELS (More info here)


  • Do I need to register for a workshop in advance? - Nope, you just need to show up
  • Do I need to bring my own equipment? - For the most part, yes. We'll try to have a few extra sets of gear, but it will be first come, first serve.
  • Is there an extra charge for the workshops? - No. Workshop admission is included in the purchase of a 3-day wristband, 1-day pass, and family pack.
  • Where will the workshops be taught? - Unless otherwise noted, all workshops will be taught in either Zone 1 (the back corner of the gym) or the Cafeteria.